My Bite Sized Recommendations

Ok so I ‘fess up. I’ve unashamedly stolen this idea from Tim Ferriss. But in my defence it’s a good idea. Anything that keeps things short and sweet is great, right?

So here are my bite sized recommendations for fellow Superwomen.

2 books

On Form: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance, Health and Happiness – a brilliant book, which helps to understand how to manage your energy rather than just trying to manage your time. So helpful in understanding the link between managing energy and being more efficient and effective.

The Desire Map – this really helped me to start to make conscious decisions. To know what I should and should say yes and no to. To make goals which mattered to me.

2 videos

The Sanctuary – at the moment this is one of my favourite guided meditations

Plug Into Your Hard Wired Happiness – TED Talks always make me think and this is one I’ve enjoyed recently.

2 songs

2 apps

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