Water’s boring, right? 

I think everyone already knows how important it is to drink lots of water for so many reasons. Health is obviously up near the top of the list, but did anyone see the photos of the amazing change in that women’s skin who did an experiment of drinking 3 litres of water a day? It’s the cheapest anti-ageing cream I know of! 

The thing is though, it can be really hard to manage to drink enough. When the weather gets cold I struggle to drink enough water so I switch to drinking more herbal teas. This winter, I was obsessed with Clipper’s Chai. It’s like a warming hug on a cold day! 

Now the weather has improved I’ve switched back to more water. One way I make sure I drink enough is to drink out of a 1 litre filter bottle so I know how much I’ve had. I aim to have 2 litres by the end of lunch so I know that I’ll drink plenty through the day. I also start every day with a lemon, ginger and hot water. 

To make water more interesting I like to play with different flavours. You can try fruits, herbs, spices and more. You can just add them to plain water but I also like to use ice and/or sparkling water.


Most of them are best if you leave it to infuse for an hour or so. So, I sometimes make a jug up and leave it in the fridge. You can also make up herbal tea and once cool place in the fridge to serve over ice for a refreshing iced tea. 

Below are some of my recent wins. Since taking the photo I’ve also discovered strawberries and a drop of rose water works amazingly well too. 

Do you drink enough water? Have you any tips to drink more?



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