Why are you stressed? Perhaps it’s because of The Technology Effect

By now you’ve probably heard of (and are fed up of hearing about) the 5:2 diet, but have you heard of The 5:2 of Technology? Probably not, as I’ve recently coined the phrase!

In case you’ve been living in a cave, the 5:2 diet is based on the principles of intermittent fasting. The basic premise is that for two days a week you restrict your diet to 500 calories and then eat normally on the other five days. But today I’m not talking about food I’m talking about technology.

What has 5:2 got to do with technology?

Well, technology is great and whilst I’m not gadget girl, I do have my fair share of Apple products. I love how technology makes the world so small and how I can be sat on my sofa in London having a virtual coffee and chat with two of my best friends who are sat in Birmingham and New York or how I can work from anywhere with an internet connection. It is so freeing!

BUT, it comes at a price. 

I was always connected.

‘The Boy’ joked about having to surgically detach my phone from my hand.

How many times have you been out for drinks and been distracted from your friends by your phone? How many times have you answered emails in bed? How many times have you nearly tripped over a stranger whilst on your phone walking? I was working 24×7 and picked my phone up about 1000 times a day. Sound familiar?

My phone never stopped bugging me. I counted that people were able to contact me on my phone through 14 different avenues FOURTEEN! It was constantly buzzing and flashing, vying for my attention and interrupting my concentration and that’ before we get onto my other devices.

So, I took the big step and implemented a Technology Fast. I turned all devices off for one whole evening, no phone, tablet, computer, TV etc. The only thing I allowed was music.

And, do you know what? The world didn’t end!

In fact, it felt great. I actually connected with the people I was spending time with and I woke feeling refreshed.  Other than the occasional moment of panic when I reached for my phone and it wasn’t there I genuinely enjoyed it.

So, I decided to implement Quiet Night Friday and also Device Free Dining Table. No devices on a Friday night and none over meals. I now find that if there’s a reason I really can’t turn my phone off for a meal or on a Friday night I feel quite annoyed. It’s MY time!

About once a month I extend this to a 48 hour fast, normally over a weekend, just brilliant!

Reduced stress. More connection. What more could you want?

Give it a try sometime and let me know what you think. If you can’t face a whole 48 hours start with one night, or even just one meal. You might just love it.

p.s. Just for the record I’m not really a fan of the 5:2 diet for various reasons. For me a simple fast of 12-16 hours overnight gives me the benefits of fasting without the problems.

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