What Can You Stop?

All of this talk about New Years resolutions (and you already know how I feel about them) has got me thinking about whether we’re better off thinking about how we can make our lives easier and more pleasant.

New Years resolutions either seem to involve something quite hard and unpleasant (losing weight, stopping drinking etc) or maybe turning something fun into something you ‘have’ to do.

What about my resolutions?

I’m not saying give up on your resolutions, but everyone is busy so sometimes the last thing you need is something else to add to the To Do list

[ ] join the gym
[ ] prepare my lunch
[ ] go for a walk

Feels hard work right?

The little exercise below might just free up valuable time and mental energy to help you achieve them. Sound good?

How can I do this?

STOP – start by thinking about one task which you can stop entirely. What do you do because you ‘should’ do it rather than actually really need/want to? Or is there something you can stop doing by lowering your standards slightly? Or something you just do out of habit which isn’t necessary anymore?

DELEGATE – next think about one task you can delegate. Can you ask your partner to do something for you? Can you hire a cleaner or a virtual assistant (it can be cheaper than you might think)? Don’t be scared to ask friends and family for help!

CHANGE – finally find one task could you do a little differently. Could you save time by setting aside an hour a week doing all of your admin? Could you move to only looking at emails twice a day? Could you do your supermarket shop online instead of in person?

48 Hour Challenge

For the next 48 hours every time you start to do a task have a think about if you can STOP, DELEGATE or CHANGE the task to free up some time or energy. Have a look through your To Do list as well as candidates may be hiding there!

How much time and energy can you find?


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