Why Waiting For the New Year is a Bad Idea

In the past I’ve been guilty of thinking there is no point starting a ‘diet’ until the new year and then making sure I damn well make the most of it (and some!) through the festive period.

The Trap of New Years Resolutions

Looking back I understand why, colder weather, dark evenings and mornings quite frankly make me want to hibernate, taking along with me my bodyweight in comfort food!

What I’ve come to think of as, The Trap of New Years Resolutions, made me think it was perfectly acceptable to wait until the 1st January as everything would then be ok and miraculously my New Years Resolutions would take care of all my goals.

Changing my habits and starting a new lifestyle on a hangover in the darkest, coldest month of the year is a great idea, said no one ever.

Do you now see why I think of it as The Trap of New Years Resolutions?

Plus on top of this the fact that everyone around me was eating and drinking as though their life depended on it I guess I can’t blame myself for falling into The Trap.

Why This Sucks

Not only does it give the New Years Resolution diet more work to do (and remember diets don’t work) it also means than when it came to the time to don my LBD for Christmas parties I felt puffy and bloated and more like a whale than a svelte party goddess.

What I Now Do Through the Festive Season

I pretty much do the SAME as I do for the rest of the year.

1. I prioritise vegetables and protein (yes even on Christmas Day)
2. I drink plenty of water (though some is in the form of teas and infusions as I struggle with cold water in the winter)
3. I walk outside daily, even when the weather is grim. For me this is non-negotiable both for my reducing my cortisol and maintaining my happiness.
4. I create healthier alternatives of my favourite dishes and reach for recipes which are comforting, but also healthy.
5. I enjoy every bite (and sip!) of any treats I chose to have. These largely come in the form of chocolate and mulled wine!

The beauty of a lifestyle change rather than a strict diet is that now I can look forward to, and really enjoy a few treats. I don’t feel deprived and I avoid putting on 5lbs (and the rest!) in less than a week.

What better a time to start than now?

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