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The SH(I)NE Programme – 8 Weeks and Beyond

A fully customisable online course from The School of Balance. For ambitious, driven women who crave more balance in their lives. Specifically tailored to your body, lifestyle, job and preferences.

Why SH(I)NE?

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a recovering perfectionist. I was super effective. Excelling in all areas of my life (except for looking after me!). Climbing the corporate ladder. Until I got sick. I had put so much of my focus, energy and time into the external that the internal crumbled in spectacular style. I spent so much time focusing on my career, my finances, my family, my friends. I forgot about my other needs.

I see this so often with women. ‘Trying to have it all’ is bullsh*t. Well at least trying to have it all at once is. For some women the focus lack of the focus on the internal shows up in a physical/mental illness and/or weight gain. It’s literally our bodies way of saying: 

‘Hey, you crazy cat. Slow down. Think about me occasionally. Relaxation isn’t bad’.

My passion is to help ambitious, driven women who crave balance in their lives. I’m fortunate enough to understand the demands of the corporate lifestyle and to have become coach to help balance the needs of the body and mind. Through using my experience and skills I can allow you learn from my mistakes and become a stronger and more effective woman. With no requirement for your body to breakdown first 😉 Seems more efficient that way – No?



The SH(I)NE Programme, 8 Weeks and Beyond a comprehensive online course covering sleep, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and so much more. It walks you step by step through the first eight weeks of your journey and gives you the tools to make sustainable changes to your lifestyle beyond. This amazing course includes all of the information you need to change your lifestyle, as well as coaching emails to provide extra motivation and support. Not just what to do, but HOW to do it and make it stick. It is designed to work with your current lifestyle. It’s not to stop you living your life. It’s not to stop you succeeding a work. In fact it’s designed to help you become more productive and effective at work and in life. A few simple tweaks to your day can make a huge difference to the way your body feels, looks and operates. 


This programme includes: Access to The SH(I)NE Programme online portal which contains all of the information needed to get you started from someone who has been there and understands just what it takes to keep all the plates spinning.

The SHINE Portal


How to Customise

– Information on how to make the programme work for your unique genes, body, lifestyle and preferences

– No part of the programme is compulsory and it can all be tailored to fit your individual needs

– Job specific support (whether you work in an office, on the road, as a nurse, fitness instructor or teacher) there is guidance to help overcome the specific challenges of your working environment. 

How to Embed Changes

– The programme walks you through step by step habit change to help ensure the changes you make are embedded AND sustainable before moving on to the next – Small changes = big results.

Sleep and relaxation

– Tips and guidance on how to improve your sleep

– What stress is, the different types of stress and how to reduce them

– Relaxation, including a relaxation book with exercises and ideas to help you relax in as little as one minute

– A bonus ‘Zen Lounge’ with relaxation resources.


– How to stay hydrated

– How to prevent caffeine and alcohol having a negative impact


– How to find the right nutrition for your body including a recipe book, meal planner and guide to eating out

– A bonus module on weight loss if that is your aim

– A bonus module on supplements


–  How to create an achievable exercise schedule that suits your body 

– A workout library with 8+ weeks worth of workouts (beginners and advanced) – with options for the gym or at home provided by Jill Coleman from JillFit Physiques – all 30 minutes or less!

Downloadable Resources

All can be read on the computer, e-reader, a tablet or downloaded to print

– Your workbook with exercises to guide you how to work through what changes, you want to make, why and how

– Your tracker to track your progress and the impact on your energy, productivity and body

– Your relaxation book with exercises to guide you through reducing stress and increasing relaxation including ideas for relaxations that take less than 1 min, 5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins or 1 hour+ 

– Your Meal Planner for you to plan and customise to your week

– A recipe book packed with 50 delicious, but simple recipes and top tips – includes my ‘Almost Instant’ meals for when you’re in a rush – A guide to Healthier Eating Out (so there is no need to become a hermit)

– Your downloadable workouts in PDF or video format with a schedule to help you plan Your Workbook Your Experts

– a bonus section including support from various experts on detoxing your mind, increasing your joy and happiness and having a healthy pregnancy. 

8 Weeks of Supporting Emails

– Bi-weekly coaching and motivation emails to support you on your journey

In Addition

– FAQs

– Exclusive 20% discount off 121 coaching calls (when booked and completed before 27th September 2015)

– Free updates as they are added to the portal

For life

– Access to all content for life, so that you can complete the programme whenever you want.

This programme does NOT include:

We wanted to create an affordable programme for people who may not be able to pay for life coaching, personal training or one-on-one access, but still want to make a change in their life. In order to offer the programme at such a low price we’re not able to offer 121 coaching or individual support with this particular programme. This means that all information and support is provided online and via email.

  • Someone who wants to improve their lifestyle, in their own way
  • Someone who is fed up of conflicting advice and wants a sustainable change FOR GOOD!
  • Someone who knows that true health is more than weight loss
  • Someone who is ready to learn what suits them and their lifestyle
  • Someone who knows that they are individual and a standardised approach doesn’t work
  • Someone who works in a busy, challenging environment and knows stress is impacting their body
  • Someone who is ready for change and willing to take the steps necessary to make that change
  • Someone who is looking for a standardised approach and to be told exactly what to do
  • Someone who is looking for a coach to hold their hand and be babysat
  • Someone who just wants to lose weight and not worry about the rest of their health
  • Someone who wants a quick fix or miracle solution (hint: they don’t exist)
  • increased productivity and effectiveness
  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress levels
  • improved energy
  • an improved physique (weight loss is more of a side effect, if desired, than the main aim)
  • a sustainable change in lifestyle not a diet

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Upon purchase you will be directed to create an account for your individual access to the portal. From here you can access all of the information, download the e-books and sign up to receive the email coaching. Once you have subscribed to the emails you will receive an email asking you to confirm you opt in. It is important that you confirm this otherwise you will not receive the coaching emails that support the programme.


10% of all profits made by The School of Balance go to Women for Women International. Women for Women International supports the most marginalised women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support.


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Working with me 121 to implement all of this information would cost £1000s. I recognise not everyone needs this level of handholding, so I wanted to create an affordable way of getting the same level of information AND results. This is where The SH(I)NE Programme comes in. All of the same information in one easy to access place. It just needs you to commit and #investinyou. 

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Money Back Guarantee Don’t worry as not only is the programme fully insured and fully tested, the purchase is risk free as there is a no quibble 60 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!