My Top 5 Recipe Books

I must start by caveating this with the point that these are my top 5 recipe books for healthier recipes. I do have others I favourites for more decadent days or recipes, which I tweak for more nutritious choices.

I love recipe books. I take them to bed and read them cover to cover, like someone devouring a novel.

I recently debated the motivation behind Jamie Oliver’s new book – Everyday Super Food and it got me thinking about other recipe books with a healthy twist. I’m sure there are many I have missed, but these are ones that grace my bookshelves.

p.s. The links go straight to Amazon so, don’t blame me if when perusing this list you accidentally buy yourself a treat, failing that pop them on your wishlist and make a head start on your Christmas list

In no particular order:

  1. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – River Cottage Light & Easy

I love the introduction to this book. Hugh explains that he chose the subject for his new book as a result of the number of people asking him for free from recipes. He goes on to say that he finds it surprising how it has become normal for such a large proportion of our diet to come from dairy and gluten. Hugh isn’t intolerant himself, but used the opportunity to explore forgotten and new alternatives to gluten and dairy. Another book of his worthy of mention is River Cottage Veg Everyday. Whether you are vegetarian or not, it’s brilliant if you want to get more veg into your diet or make vegetables a star of the show.

2. Dale Pinock – The Medicinal Chef

I like Dale’s approach of looking at every meal or snack as an opportunity to nourish and heal our bodies. By careful selection of nutritious ingredients, plus a little culinary flair he makes dishes, which are not only nourishing, but damn tasty too. I’ve got my eye on his new series of books ‘Eat Your Way to Better Health’, which cover four areas of health

3. Susan Jane White – The Extra Virgin Kitchen

After doctors failed to resolve her health problems Susan used her diet and lifestyle to heal herself. By choosing nutritional dense foods, packed with health benefits she shows how she now lives her life. I also love the hefty dose of Irish charm, which oozes from the pages. You can feel her personality shining through. I’ve not yet got a copy, but here new book The Virtuous Tart seems to promise more delicious recipes.

4. Diana Henry – A Change of Appetite

In my humble opinion Diana Henry (along with Tessa Kiros) is one of the most underrated food writers. A Change of Appetite is her attempt to make healthy food delicious. Whilst her newest book A Bird in the Hand (every recipe is a celebration of chicken) isn’t designed to be a healthy book it has many recipes in it which are perfect for a healthy dinner, or can be tweaked.

5. Abel and Cole – Your Veg Box Companion

The organic veg box people have created this fabulous book as a companion to their boxes. Whether you have your veg delivered or not it’s worthy of a space on your recipe book shelf. I regularly pull it off the shelves for inspiration of how to add a bit of zing to a vegetable or to find out what is in season. A great way in incorporate more vegetables into your day without them being boring or bland.

Are there any favourite recipe books that you think are missing from this list?

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