My Favourite UK Protein Bars

When I first started to improve the way I ate there really weren’t any good options for protein bars in the UK. They all seemed to be stuffed with tons of artificial sweeteners or to better resemble a chocolate bar than a healthy snack.

In the past few years the choice seems to have really improved in the UK so I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

As I’ve mentioned before my preference tends to be real food, but bars are great for convenience. I like to throw an ’emergency bar’ in my handbag for when I’m out and about.


When looking for a snack I like to pick something which:

  • doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners
  • as far as possible is only contains real ingredients
  • doesn’t contain gluten or lactose (those some contain whey)
  • has a good ratio of protein/fibre to carbohydrate to make sure it keeps me going and I don’t get a sugar crash shortly after*

*I use a simple equation from Metabolic Effect to work out the ‘net carbs’. Carbohydrate – (Protein + Fibre) should be 10g or less per serving. So, if the bar contains 20g carbohydrate, 10 grams of protein and 5g of fibre this will give 5g ‘net carbs’

These are the bars I tend to use:

Untitled design9 Bars


+ Relatively low cost
+ Widely available in the UK
+ Reasonable protein:carb ratio in most of the bars
– Contains sugar
Good for…when you’re out and about without an alternative

BounceBounce Balls

+ Range of interesting flavours
+ Sweet, tasty treat
+/- contains whey
– Not the highest in protein, nor the best ratio of card:protein

Good for…post exercise

Fori BarFori Bars (10% off with code TSOB10**)


+ Amazing savoury flavours and paleo
+ Small UK business
– Can only buy mail order

Good fora savoury paleo snack

Untitled designNakd Bars


+ Widely available in the UK
+ Good range of flavours
– Some flavours have very low protein and comparatively high carb
– The crunch bars contain soy

Good forwhen you’re out and about without an alternative

Hazelnut_Bar-500x182 The Primal Pantry


+ Small UK business
+ Paleo & vegan
+ Reasonable protein:carb ratio

Good for…nutty, gooey yumminess

Primal JoyPrimal Protein Bars


+ Small UK business
+ Paleo
+ Reasonable protein:carb ratio in the protein bars
+/- Contains whey

Good for…a sweet paleo treat

Untitled designPulsin


+ The whey free options are suitable for vegans
– Can be slightly grainy/dry

Good for...vegans


R Bars
 (20% off with code 20off**)


+ Range of interesting flavours
+/- contains whey
+ Good ratio of protein:carb

– Not suitable for people with celiac disease

Good fora sweet protein packed treat

Do you have any you think I am missing from my list?

**T&Cs apply, check direct with vendor

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