Why You Have More in Common with your Phone Battery than You May Think

Somehow those of us with Superwoman Complex seem to think we can go, go, go all of the time. We’re hyper effective at work and then when we finally get home after long anti-social hours we so often continue with that into our home lives. Whether it is being a social butterfly. Supporting friends and family. Spending time on a hobby. Or all of these together. We can be perpetually busy.

Busy has become the disease of the Superwoman

It almost seems as though we try and outdo each other in how busy we are being busy. Has it become a badge of honour to ‘be busy’?

Is relaxing taboo?

When asked “did you have a good weekend” it can be tempting to say yes thanks and justify how busy and good your weekend was (even if a large percentage of it was spent on a Netflix binge). Somehow, it can seem inferior to say that you spent time relaxing.

So, what do we have in common with our phone batteries?

When you’re on your phone (cell) a lot the battery drains really quickly. You may need to carry around your phone charger to give it an emergency boost in the middle of the day. If you’re using it less frequently you may find it lasts all day without a boost.

We’re just the same. When we’re go, go, go all of the time and using lots of mental and physical energy our battery drains really quickly too.

External drains

Similarly, even if you’re not using it that much, but your mobile internet is on background tasks can be draining the battery. Do you ever find if you’re in a forge in country with your mobile internet turned off your phone battery lasts much longer?

Even if it doesn’t seem as though you’re that busy, environmental factors in the background can also drain us. Being in crowded or noisy places. Spending time with negative people. Working unsocial hours all act as a drain on our battery, almost without us even noticing it, meaning we need to recharge periodically throughout the day.

We need charging up too

It probably goes without saying that we need a long ‘full charge’ overnight, by getting sufficient, uninterrupted sleep. However, boosting our batteries throughout the day is also important. Making a conscious decision to introduce 2-3 mini relaxations into your day in order to boost your battery can make all of the difference to your overall energy and productivity.

It doesnt always have to be a long charge

Sometimes you can also give yourself a little boost in the middle of the day, without a long overnight ‘charge’. Even as little as one minute to allow your brain to turn off and relax can make a huge difference to your battery life. This relaxing can take many forms, but one simple one is to take yourself somewhere quiet (even if it’s sitting on the toilet!). Close your eyes. Rest your hands on your stomach. Breath in allowing your stomach to rise. Breath out allowing your stomach to fall. Repeat this focusing on your hands moving in and out for one minute, or as long as you have.

How could you schedule in a mini ‘recharge’ during the day?

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