My Birthday – a time for goals with soul

September always feels like the start of a new year to me. Is it because of the change of the seasons? Or memories of going back to school? I’m not sure, but September certainly feels like a time to review the year that has past and make plans for the year to come. For the first time last year I stopped setting goals in the traditional sense. I explained why in ‘Why I’ve Ditched the Goals‘.

It’s been a challenging year, but that only helps us grow. I’m grateful for all the things that have happened, the good and the less than good. They all come with their own unique lessons.

Time to welcome in the new

My Core Desired Feelings from the last year have served me well, but now is the time to thank them and welcome in a brand spankin’ new set for the coming year. This new year I desire to feel…..





By looking after yourself you’re able to be strong enough to look after those around you.

Talking about setting out to feel a certain way can sounds like a bit of an airy fairy goal can’t it? Maybe even feel like it’s a little decedent to dare to want to feel good? But, the more I’ve played with this idea the more Ive found that it drives me to be true to myself and this makes me more loving and more useful to those around me. It’s not selfish to look after yourself.

Understanding how I want to feel helps me create goals with soul. It helps me shape decisions from the small, mundane, everyday ones to the big, hairy, life changing ones. I can think about what I need to do in each area of my life in order to feel the way I want to feel.

Be Specific or Be Vague

If you’d like to start by setting a goal with soul I urge you to be specific or be vague. The wishy, washy bit in the middle simply doesn’t work. It isn’t specific or general enough. I’ll explain…

We’re taught time and time again to be specific with our goals. Focus on things that are measurable and tangible. This can work. For example if you want to improve your fitness then planning to go to the gym on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.30pm directly from work can be helpful. It can be made even more powerful by packing your gym clothes the night before or planning to go with a friend who you wouldn’t want to let down.

However sometimes a feeling or an intention can also be powerful. Think about what a difference it would make to your life if you had a direction for every single decision you make. And every single decision you made took you closer to how you wanted to feel. For example a friend of mine was feeling that she’d put on a little weight, her joints were causing her problems, her skin was complaining and her energy was low. Rather than putting herself on a punishing regime she made the decision to set an intention to cherish herself. When deciding what food to eat, whether to go for a walk or book a beauty appointment she’d ask if it made her feel cherished. Within 6 months she had a bounce back in her set and her body was saying thank you.

So for the next year for each decision, whether big or small I’m going to ask myself what will make me feel Joy, Light, Balanced and/or Empowering.

95 days to go…

Whether it’s your birthday month or not (at time of writing) there are 95 days left until the end of the year. This is a quarter of the year and plenty of time to put actions in place to ensure you feel how you want to feel.

So, for the next 95 days what feeling will you consider when making decisions?





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