My 50 Day Challenge

Today (12th November) there is officially 50 days left of 2015. It can be tempting to think ‘I’ll wait and set a resolution in January’, but there is still over a month left, over one twelfth of the year. I call this The Trap of New Years Resolutions. It tricks you into stalling. Delaying success. Wasting the last part of the year.
So, I’ve set myself a 50 day challenge. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do I did my normal thing of starting to get carried away and trying to boil the ocean.
I then reminded myself to listen to my own advice – you are far more likely to stick to a change if you make one small habit change at a time.
So, everyday for the last 50 days of 2015 I have decided that I am going to complete a random act of kindness. Whilst this might not seem like an expected challenge I always find these a win win situation.
Where did you want to be by the end of 2015?
At the beginning of the year did you set any resolutions? Did you have any views on what you thought you might be, do and achieve in 2015?
Are you there?
If so, wahoo! Congratulations. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and celebrate. Is there anything else you want to focus on for the remainder of the year – perhaps celebrating something every day?
If not, what is one SMALL thing you can do each day to take you closer. Don’t worry if it’s not all the way. Remember progress, not perfection. I’d love for you to join me in my 50 Day Challenge. How to join:
1. Publicly commit on your fav social media channel what your 50 Day Challenge will be using #50daysof2015 and tag @schoolbalance on IG/Twitter or The School of Balance on FB
2. Each day post when you have completed your challenge using #50daysof2015 and tag (accountability wins the day)
3. If you want additional support join Don’t Wait: Make 2016 Great. The adventure begins 18th November.
 My 50 Day Challenge

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