Music to Change Your Mood?

For a long time I’ve loved the power of music to shift my mood.

After finding The Desire Map I went one step further and found songs which made me feel the way I wished to – my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs).

Here is a selection. One for each of my CDFs…


One of my favourite tracks when I feel a little out of balance is Karunesh – Call of the Mystic. I find it immediately soothes me and transports me to an Eastern spa.

I also find it a good track to listen to when meditating.


There are so many different ways of feeling joy, but one of the best for me is enjoying the simple pleasure of dancing around the living room. Hey, Soul Sister by Train is a sure fire way of getting me up and acts as a mood booster as well.


Light is an interesting one as different songs can bring me light in different ways. One I love is a classical piece played on the piano, Moonlight Sonata performed by Myleene Klass.


There are different ways I can feel empowering, but one is to be courageous. When I need a boost of courage one song which makes me feel like I can take on the world is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. I think there are a band who are even better live, perhaps as they are such talented musicians. 

What do you rely on to shift your mood?

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Music to change your mood

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