The No: 1 Thing Missing From Your Morning Routine

It’s no secret that some of the most successful people now, and over time, have morning routines they rely on.

Anna Wintour gets up early to play tennis. Barack Obama always has breakfast with his family. Steve Jobs looked in the mirror every morning and answered the question ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’

Successful people tend to have repeatable morning routines

There is lots of advice on how to start the day ranging from drinking water, doing exercise and meditation to not checking email and doing your hardest task first.

However, if you crave a morning routine which will leave you energised, and ready to take on whatever the day has to throw at you, there is one thing that may be preventing you achieving this.

The No:1 Thing Missing?

Your bedtime routine

Pardon, what? I’m not a child. A bedtime routine is what is missing?!

Yep, that’s right.

Think about it. If you’ve been to bed late, not prepared for the morning and have a head full of work and actions then what is likely to happen?

Perhaps one or more of the following:

  • struggling to get to sleep because of thinking of the things you have to do?
  • waking in the middle of the night remembering an important meeting you have tomorrow?
  • checking your email in bed?
  • groggily hitting snooze on the alarm when it goes off?
  • rushing around and only just leaving the house on time?

What would this look like?

What works is different for everyone, but it might involve:

– before you leave work writing a list of all the things you have to achieve tomorrow and marking the top 5

  • clearing your head between work time and home time. This might be a walk, a bath, a chat with friends or a partner, but something to clear the day
  • turning off your electronic devices a couple of hours before bed. Unless you are paid to be officially on call on a rotation basis it is NOT necessary to have your phone on 24/7
  • getting ready for the next day (clothes, bag, food etc)
  • doing something relaxing
  • settle in bed in plenty of time to get a good nights sleep.

But how can I manage this when

It might be hard to stick to a routine the night before when you’re out socialising or working late or just so damn tired when you finally do get home.

But, if you aim to do it as often as possibly and maybe even get ahead with some of your preparation on days you’re not at work it really can make a difference.

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