Is Your Job Ruining Your Goals

One thing that many coaches, diets and lifestyle changes fail to take into account is how different our working lives are and also how tough they can be.

Everyone has their own challenges, but when we’re working long hours, unconventional hours or in unconventional ways it can make it even tougher.

Why is it so tough?

When trying to achieve our goals our jobs can cause two main problems.

Firstly, work, by it’s nature, can be unpredictable. It’s one thing to implement a new habit to meet a goal when life is stable and repeatable, but habits can be difficult to maintain when our jobs and work get in the way.

Secondly, jobs cause our bodies huge amounts of stress. It’s not just the stress of demanding bosses or challenging circumstances simply working long hours, or unpredictable hours also puts our bodies under stress.

What can I do?

Well, that obviously depends on what your goals are and what your individual working life looks like, but the best thing to do is think about what your goal in and what about your job will make it challenging. For example:

  • if you travel lots with work, work late nights or work shifts you may find you need to increase your relaxation in order to counterbalance the stress this causes your body
  • if you you have lots client dinners you may decide to avoid alcohol, the bread basket and dessert
  • if you frequently work from home you may need to implement boundaries between work time and home time to prevent feeling like you’re working 24/7

A little exercise

If you feel your job may be interfering with your goals take a piece of paper and on the left side list all of the issues you encounter with your specific role and lifestyle. On the right side think about ways to pre-empt the issues and overcome them?

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