Has Jamie Got it Right?

There was an article about Jamie Oliver in The Sunday Times magazine. He’s ‘found’ a healthier lifestyle and shed weight in the process.

The cynically part of me wonders if he’s jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon for financial gains – he is a business man after all. Or is there something more genuine at the heart of it? Perhaps he hit 40 and did have the realisation that his lifestyle wasn’t conducive to longevity or as he words it “You start to realise you’re half dead….I want to get as old as possible, and to do that you’ve got to live a certain way. That’s the rules of the game”.

So what did Jamie say?

In the article there were three key points he made which stuck out to me. They are all things that I speak about a lot and try to live.

1. Sleep is the foundation 

Jamie says he now treats sleep as more important than his job. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. Without the time to rest and recover, our bodies can’t do their thang.

Time and time again I’ve said: Sleep +Relaxation = The Foundation to Life

But, we don’t give it the priority it deserves. If someone created a pill to extend our lives people would probably pay £££ for it. Sleep and relaxation are free. We can use them with abandonment, but somehow we don’t.

2. Ditch the sugar at breakfast 

I’ve never been the biggest fan of breakfast food marketers, but Jamie words it better than I can when he says “Normally, the people who try and solve your breakfast problem are the biggest w*****s in the food industry. If you analyse what they’re selling, it’s sugary shite. And they win”.

The cereals, bars and breads, which claim to be healthy starts to the day are a joke. It’s as simple as that. Though it’s not funny as they actually sell tons of the stuff.

3. We want information

The lack of transparency on food packaging really upsets me. The front of the packaging is pretty much marketing speak and even the nutritional detail on the back is carefully moulded to hide what has really happened to our food from us. Ingredients are renamed to sound more natural, chemicals used in the process are not mentioned and sugar is given ever more inventive names to hide it from us.

Jamie says “I really think if you give British people good, clear information they make f****** good choices”.

I know I’d love for information to be clear and concise so we have the option to make informed decisions if we want to.

Does it matter?

Whether this is a ploy for Mr Oliver to sell more books or a genuine attempt to share his new found knowledge with a wider audience (or a bit of both) doesn’t really matter to me. What matters more is that he is popular enough to start to influence the public en masse. If this helps people eat a few more vegetables and swap some of the junk for real food then I’m all for it!

How good is the book?

I’d have liked to have seen him go a little further in picking nutritious alternative e.g. he uses couscous when quinoa or buckwheat could have been used. But, maybe I’m being a bit picky. Overall, it seems to have some simple, healthy options and some fun ideas.

If you want to decide for yourself, grab yourself a copy of Everyday Super Food.

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2 thoughts on “Has Jamie Got it Right?

  1. helen smyth

    I would like to have seen Jamie do more research on good fat. He doesn’t seem to get that quality grass fed butter and coconut oil etc are fab for our health. Jamie keeps talking low fat and counting calories

    1. theschoolofbalance Post author

      I wondered about that. He seems to be talking a lot about dairy and eggs, but not so much good fats. I did see recently he specifically said going low fat to loose weight was a myth, but he doesn’t seem to quite follow through…

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