How to Avoid Temptation with Snacks

When eating healthily on the go avoiding temptation can be hard. I make sure I have snacks each day and always have them with me if I’m out. This can help prevent you overrating or making bad choices.




How to Avoid Temptation with Snacks
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  1. Have a box of ready to eat crudités in the fridge. Store them at eye level so when you're hungry you can grab something healthy. Also have these with healthy homemade dips. See my blog for ideas
  2. Bag them up to take with you when at work or out and about. You can do the same with fruit.
  3. Little pots of portion controlled seeds are a great snack. These have been roasted with spices.
  4. The same goes for nuts. I tend to have a mixture as they all have different health benefits. Again I prefer them roasted as they are tastier.
  5. These come in little plastic packets so great for on the go or to put towards and impromptu lunch
  6. I also really like Dr Karg's much tastier than oatcakes in my opinion. Spelt is an ancient relative of the wheat we eat today but apparently easier to digest
  7. Nut butters are great to have on oat cakes or Dr Kargs or with slices of apple. Make sure they don't have added sugar. Hazelnut butter reminds me of Nutella and taste great with dates and prunes
  8. I love this yoghurt! Greek yoghurt is higher in protein than standard yoghurt and apparently many people find it easier to digest. Eat on its own or with a few berries as a great snack.
  9. Apples are such a portable snack and can be eaten anywhere!
  10. I also always have herbal tea with me. Just pop it in a little plastic pot and if places don't have any you know you can still have a caffeine free drink


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