Are You Playing The Hanging On By the Skin of Your Teeth Game?

I see so many women who are desperately trying to keep all of the plates spinning. I know I have. Catching myself saying

I’ll be happy when

…I leave this job”

It’ll be ok once

…this big project is over”

It I can just get to

…my holiday I know I can cope”

We keep piling on the pressure. The long hours. The demanding customers. The unrelenting To Do list. Hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

Were Kidding Ourselves

It won’t be any better. There will just be a different, plate to spin. When you have such high standards and high expectations of yourself there will always be something else to do.

What Can We Do?

Firstly, I think we should start by being really honest with ourselves. Admit to ourselves that even once we’ve finished the project, sold our house, quit our job… There will just be something else. We’ll just add more to the pile or the less urgent parts of our life will start crying out for attention.

Secondly, we should go easy on ourselves. Be kind to ourselves (easier said than done I know!) How would you talk to a friend that had as much as you going on? Would you think they weren’t doing enough?

Finally, we should:

  • cancel anything we really don’t have to do
  • ask for help and delegate everything we can
  • start saying no to anything more UNTIL life is calmer (and stop falling into the trap of planning things for ‘when it will be ok’).

Are you playing the ‘hanging on by the skin of your teeth game’?

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