You Get What You Focus On

At work, we all know ‘you get what you measure’. As soon as we measure some kind of output (and maybe incentivise people through rewards or sanctions) we get that outcome.

Life is similar

What are your goals? What are your priorities? What are your dreams?

  • maybe you want more time for you
  • maybe you want more energy
  • maybe you want to lose a little weight

Whatever your aims in life…

Are you focusing on them?

Or are you distracting yourself? Or letting someone else define your priorities?

When we bury our head in work, responsibilities and day to day life it can become easy to lose focus of our goals. We’re almost half way through the year. What were your goals at the beginning of the year? Are you halfway towards them?

What can you change?

If not, what can you change? How can you create space in your live to achieve your goals?

You get what you focus on. Small changes add up to big results.

If you want more time are you focusing on making space? If you want more energy are you focusing on boosting it? If you want weight loss are you focusing on your lifestyle?

It’s time to #investinyou. To stop distracting yourself. To stop allowing others to set your priorities. To stop making excuses.


How will you invest in yourself?

If you want some help in doing so don’t forget The SH(I)NE Programme, which will take you through small habit changes to boost your energy and leave you feeling and looking great.

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