My Feet Taught Me 3 Great Lessons

Who would have thought? But my feet really did teach me some great lessons.

You see I really struggle with my feet. They are so dry and the skin gets hard easily. Over the years I have learnt a few tricks that help.

What I got wrong

I wanted my feet to be better, so once a week (or maybe longer if I forgot) I would get out my foot scrubber and try and buff away the hard skin. This only took off the very top layer and as my aim was to do it once a week it didn’t really become a habit and I struggled to remember.

What I changed

After a while I realised this wasn’t working and made a few changes. These also translate into everyday life. Particularly when you want to make a change.

Lesson 1 – A little every day goes a long way

I started doing a quick buff of my feet everyday. This had several benefits:

  • completing small actions frequently adds up to big changes
  • doing something everyday is easier than once in a while
  • as I was doing it everyday I could easily build it into my morning shower routine. The shower acted as a trigger.

This can just as easily be applied to other changes. Say you want to drink more water. Having one glass before each meal and a bottle to sip at in-between is likely to be easier to create a habit around than simply saying I’ll drink 2 litres a day. The meal acts as a trigger, similar to the shower.

Lesson 2 – Add a bit of indulgence

I bought a luxurious, rich foot cream, which smelt GORGEOUS. Not only did this help with giving my feet much needed moisture it also made me want to use it.

If you want to make a change to your lifestyle how can you make it appealing? For example, there is no point saying I’m going to eat salad everyday for lunch if you hate boring plain salads. Can you make interesting concoctions, tasty dressings or have leftover dinner instead?

Lesson 3 – Involve the experts when necessary

Enlisting the help of a chiropodist made a big difference

I think in three main ways

  • by simply investing in myself I was making a statement about what I valued
  • he helped me keep on top of my dry skin
  • I felt I was also accountable to him as well as myself

These all made it easier to stick to my new habit.

Don’t be scared to hire an expert. It can be tempting to think we can do it alone, but sometimes it is quicker, easier and more successful to get the necessary expertise.

For example, if you struggle to make changes to habits you might be interested in the new online course from The School of Balance. It’s officially on sale from the 22nd June 2015, but there is a cheeky pre-launch taster and early bird discount if you sign up here.

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