Fat Isn’t the Enemy

For years products have been emblazoned with ‘LOW FAT’. Words crying out to you, attempting to be synonymous with ‘healthy’ and suggesting that you will lose weight by eating them. I could get onto my soap box about the marketing tricks used by the food industry, but I feel that may be another post.

What I will say though is that fat isn’t bad. Not inherently anyway. Yes, some fats are bad, but fat is absolutely essential for your body and should even be eaten when trying to lose or maintain weight. I’m not saying to eat masses but 1-3 portions a day are a great starting point.

So what source should this fat come from?

Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil to cook things like my protein pancakes and to stir fry veg. It’s also useful for dairy free baking and can even be added to smoothies. It’s also good as it can be used at high temperatures unlike olive oil.


Courtesy of Meal Makeover Moms

Photo courtesy of Meal Makeover Moms


Olive Oil

I mainly use olive oil for cooking at lower temperatures and salad dressings. I’ve recently been using this lemon infused oil from Terra Rossa, which brings great flavour to salad dressings. Whichever olive oil you chose try and make sure it is a cold press oil. Many of the cheaper olive oils include refined oils which are little better than cheap margarine.


Nuts and Seeds including Butters

Nuts and seeds also contain beneficial micro-nutrients so eat a wide range. Some of my favourites include pecans, almonds, macadamia and hazelnuts. I love nut butters as well. My current fav is hazelnut butter. Just make sure you look at the ingredients and get 100% nuts if possible rather than ones with added salt, sugar or oil.

Try this coconut and chia pudding or chocolate chia pudding for a healthier dessert or these protein ball truffles for a snack.


Avocado is great chopped in salads or in a guacamole dip. It can also be blended to form a creamy salad dressing. Another great way to use avocado is in this chocolate mousse (this might sound a bit strange, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)

How do you incorporate healthy fats into your diet?


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