Day 4: Expand Your Mind

Continuing in this weeks series of ‘7 Days of Simple Activities That Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great’ today we move to look at shifting your focus to increasing your personal skills and knowledge. Get out there and live life!

Day 4 – today we are focusing on Expanding Your Mind

Experiencing something new or learning a skill is not only interesting, but it can also be a real confidence boost. Taking a course is also a great way to meet people and expand your social network, which as we’ve talked about before is super important. When you’re out having fun and learning new things you’re not focusing on calories consumed or burnt and as we’ve talked about this week being out and about (preferably not surrounded by tons of food and booze!) is a great way to become more intuitive in the way you fuel and move your body.

Four Activities

1. Go on a Photography Course: I enlisted the professional expertise of Simon Gregor to take me and my camera to learn a bit more about composition and quite frankly making photos look more like I want them to! Read all about it here.

2. Take a Cooking Course: Possibly a little strange to include a cooking course in a series designed to help you lose weight and feel great, but you don’t actually eat a massive amount and there is some method to my madness! Not least that learning to cook is a great way to eat healthier – when cooking for yourself you know that you chose the best ingredients. Cooking being one of my obsessions I’ve been on many courses all over the world, but I still maintain that the best value is right here in London. L’Atelier Des Chef offer course from £15! They are also great at catering for food allergies (as long as you inform them when you book) which suits me. You can book individually or as a group.

3. Go on a Shamanic Immersion: I hadn’t even heard of Shamanism until I read about Anna Hunt in Stylist Magazine, but my curiosity was obviously piqued enough to add her book The Shaman in Stilettos  to my wish list and some months later I read it. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and I have to admit in the past I had always been pretty skeptical about any kind of spiritual or energy work. However, Anna’s book really resonated and after meeting her in her beautiful flat in St John’s Wood I was assured enough to book onto her Shamanic Immersion Weekend. Read all about it here.

4. Book a Handwriting Course: After being told my handwriting looked like a spider had crawled across the page when I was about 9 years old I always believed my handwriting was beyond hope. When I found out Cherrell Avery offered courses in London I had visions of her telling me I was beyond hope! I started with a private lesson and quite the opposite was true. I was pleased to hear there was nothing that wrong with my handwriting. There was also nothing that right with it either (my words), it didn’t have it’s own style (her words). Even during the lesson I started to see an improvement and was given practice work to do at home. I’m still a long way off having artistic handwriting, but I think in time I might be able to write a decent birthday card or two! Cherrell also recommend this book if you’re too far away for lessons.

If you’ve missed a day, don’t worry you can catch up here.

Is there a course you’ve always fancied taking? Maybe this is just the nudge you’ve been waiting for! Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook.


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