A treat for your muscles and mind…

This week I want to share with you some of my favourite ‘recipes’. I use the word recipe in the loosest sense of the word as these aren’t to eat, they’re to treat your muscles, body and mind.

Aches and Pains?

If you’re feeling a little achy, whether from sitting behind a desk, standing on your feet all day or doing just a little too much at the gym this routine is the perfect treat for your muscles, body and mind.

The Routine

Make time to #investinyou. Ideally at least 30 minutes.

  1. Set the scene – quickly tidy up the bathroom, turn down the lights, play some relaxing music and maybe light some candles. This is my favourite relaxing music to play at the moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waldWijiQDs. It leaves me feeling like I’m in the chill out room in a fancy spa, post massage
  2. Run a warm bath – adding one of the bath salt ‘recipes’ below. If you wish pop on a hair and/or face mask.
  3. Soak and chill – try and keep your mind focused on the music, the smell of the oils, the feel of the water and the flickering of the candles rather than thinking about your day. Stay in for as long as feels good.
  4. Massage and wrap – Give your muscles a gentle massage with your favourite body moisturiser (I like to pop a pot of coconut oil in the bath so it’s liquid by the time I get out) and wrap yourself in a warm dressing gown before heading to bed.

The ‘Recipes’

For each of the ‘recipes’ below you simply need to mix all of the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and then decant into a glass jar for storage.

The Relaxer

2 cups epsom salts

1/2 cup sea salt

1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda

4000 mg Vitamin C Powder (optional)

10-20 drops lavender essential oil

a handful of dried lavender buds

The Energiser

2 cups epsom salts

1/2 cup sea salt

1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda

4000 mg Vitamin C Powder (optional)

10-20 drops of grapefruit essential oil

the zest of one grapefruit allowed to dry in the air or a low oven

The Indulgent

2 cups epsom salts

1 cup powdered milk (if you’re allergic to milk replace with sea salt and bicarb)

4000 mg Vitamin C Powder (optional)

10-20 drops rose essential oil

A handful of dried rose petals

You can experiment with different combinations using your favourite fragrances. If they last that long these would also make brilliant presents poured into pretty glass containers and tired with a ribbon.

The Quickie

Alternatively, if you aren’t that organised this is the ‘recipe’ for you.

You can simply through a few handfuls of epsom salts in your bath, but if  you also want to benefit of essential oils add some to your bath mix a few drops of your favourite fragrance with a glass of milk (non-dairy is fine) and add to the bath. You need to mix it with milk first otherwise it will just sit on the surface of the bath.


I buy Epsom salts in bulk from Amazon as it works out cheaper and I get my oils from Neal’s Yard Remedies. They also sell the dried flowers.

Epsom Salts

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