Do You Need More Energy?

I love ambitious, driven women. In fact, I am one.

But, as much as we think we’re Superwoman, we have an Achilles heel. That one little flaw, that can be our downfall.

What is it, I hear you ask?

Not looking after us.

We spend so much time focusing on work and others that we don’t take care of ourselves.

Time and time again I see women who have prioritised everything else in their life at the expense of them (without even realising). This path leads downhill to one of two outcomes, maybe both, – getting ill and/or putting on weight.

There is an alternative

You don’t need to stop achieving and progressing with your goals in life. You just need to take a little time to readjust your path so that you continue to climb rather than fall off a cliff.

There is a reason why on airplanes they tell you that in the event of a crash you put your own air mask on before helping others. It’s because if you don’t look after yourself YOU ARE NO USE TO OTHERS

What can I do?

I get a little bit narked when the majority of diet advice assumes we want to lose weight AND that we can all do that in the same way. Maybe we do want to lose a few pounds, but more than anything don’t we want to be full of energy and feel and look great?

Occasionally prioritising yourself isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. It allows you to keep going after your goals and supporting others.

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