Day 3: Embrace Lovely Things

Continuing in this weeks series of ‘7 Days of Simple Activities That Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great’ today is all about lovely things. I love the word ‘thing’ some might say it’s not specific enough, woolly even, but that’s precisely why I love it. It’s all encompassing and is there for you just when you can’t find the right word. Anyway, I digress. Day 3…

Day 3 – today we are focusing on lovely things

Or more specifically doing lovely things. When you’re out busy having fun, eating your way through a family sized tub of ice cream seems a long way away. There’s less need to focus on your diet and exercise when you’re out and about as you naturally start to eat more intuitively, when you are actually hungry as opposed to when boredom or stress strikes. Give it a go, embrace life!

Four Activities

1. Buy Flowers: for yourself. For no reason. Buy the loveliest bunch you can find and when you get home carefully arrange them in a beautiful vase. Everytime you see them over the next few days think about how you did something just for you. A couple of weekends ago I took myself off to Columbia Road Flower Market. Bustling through the crowds was awarded with the beautiful flowers below, no they don’t last forever, but they made me smile while they did.

2. Go to a Tea Shop: this might sound counterintuitive, but stick with me. There is something really comforting and relaxing about making a proper cup of tea in a proper teapot, so you might as well learn how to do it properly and buy some real loose leaf tea. It might take a few more minutes, but if you give it a go I think you may just thank me for the ritual! If you live in London give the Tea Palace a try.

3. Try Wine Tasting: a rather strange suggestion to go and drink wine to lose weight, but stay with me for a minute. My local wine shop run a free tasting evening around once a month, you only drink a few sips and get to meet people from the local community, which I found the best part of all and as I’ve talked about before your network is so important to your wellbeing. I’m not suggesting drinking tons of wine, but as part of a lifestyle of moderation the odd treat can actually help you stay on track with your weight goals.

4. Buy Yourself a Present: similar to the first activity this should be for no reason at all. It doesn’t need to be big, it can even be from the second hand shop, but buy something just for you that you love. Take it home and treasure it!

If you’ve missed a day, don’t worry you can catch up here.

What did you chose to do for yourself? Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook.




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