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Eating out when on a diet

When I first started having a more balanced relationship with food eating out felt a little strange. Previously, I’d automatically choose pasta, with at least one glass of wine, and a dessert. If they looked good I’d also add on a starter. Living in London eating out was a common occurrence. Sometimes I would even eat out for all 3 meals in a day. Working in a corporate environment only made this worse as inevitably client dinners and overnight stays in hotels can make eating healthily tricky. 

Post finding balance with food eaten at home I initially avoided eating out as I didn’t trust myself so wanted to avoid the temptation. After a while I realised I was missing out on life and becoming a bit of a hermit. As F. Scott Fitzgerald says “Never miss a party” or as I like to say #DontBeAHermit – there is no need! Simply sign up for my guide using the box to the right and you’ll have easy steps to follow to make sure eating out doesn’t pile on the pounds!

Eating with allergies or intolerances

When I then had to cut out gluten/dairy and various other foods eating out became something I shied from again. 

I found it hard because:

– I was scared that through cross contamination or incompetence I’d eat something that would make me ill
– I was worried about being annoying and putting friends/chefs out 
– I was envious of others meals as I wanted to be able to try all the things I used to love
– I thought they’d think I was just fussy and didn’t like things rather than couldn’t have them (did they not realise that I LOVED all these food and missed them dearly?!)

If you have allergies/intolerances you might relate to one or more of these!

After trial and error and interviewing chefs (from cafe to fine dining) I’ve created a guide to make eating out not only possible, but enjoyable. As above you can sign up to receive this using the box to the right of this post. 

I’m not saying it’s always perfect. The second time I ate out in a restaurant with food restrictions I actually ended up crying as the waitress was not at all understanding and was unwilling to go and speak with the kitchen! But these simple steps make is so much easier and in the long run places like just won’t get my custom.

If you want to know how well a place caters for food restrictions or healthy eating. Check out my restaurants and café reviews. Also, if you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience of eating out with food restrictions and want to contribute a review please let me know in the comments below or via the contact me page.

Never Miss a Party

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