Alternative Advent Calendar: Day 3

Day 3 of The School of Balance Alternative Calendar is a sweaty one!

As I’ve already explained thereĀ is an alternative to avoid falling into The New Years Resolution Trap. You do not need to ‘wait for the new year’. You can get started (or carry on) with a healthy lifestyle right now without deprivation or guilt.

Your Strong Abs Workout

Many people think the best way to a flatter stomach is to complete 100s of crunches every day, however sprints are actually more effective and have the added bonus of a cardio boost (I’ve talked before about why long distance cardio isn’t the great for fat loss).

This will take less than 20 mins so can be squeezed into your day without too much disruption. If it’s cold and miserable and you really don’t want to go out you ca. Do the same sort of workout inside with a skipping rope.

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Photo credit

As with all exercise and lifestyle change please consult your doctor before beginning. Listen to your body and do not take any risks.

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