Day 5: Take an Adventure

Continuing in this weeks series of ‘7 Days of Simple Activities That Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great’ today is about adventure and in time for the weekend as well! You may have seen a theme starting to develop this week. The activities are all around relaxation, confidence building and living life to the full and this is no exception.

Day 5 – today we are focusing on Taking an Adventure

It can become really easy to get stuck in a rut. At times when my life has been super busy and I’m stressed to the hilt it’s felt like the only route was been to keep my head down and keep going. The ‘rut’ feels known, and safe. Often though, it’s been precisely these times when I’ve needed to go out and take an adventure. There is something invigorating about adventure and that helps you tackle the next challenge. In keeping with the other activities this week when you’re off having an adventure you’re also going to naturally eat more intuitively and the weight can start to fall off without trying as much.

Four Activities

1. Travel Lots: one of the most obvious ways to take an adventure is to book a trip. Research shows even the act of booking a trip can give us a boost from the anticipatory factor. Have a think about how you can get off the beaten track and travel somewhere you haven’t been before. I love to experience new cultures and people and find that the most fun happens when you spend time with locals away from the tourist hotspots. I have the rule that I always need to know when my next holiday is going to be. Having something to look forward to is so powerful. So get planning that next trip!

2. Have an Adventure in Your Own City: You don’t necessarily have to book an exotic trip to have an adventure. Something as simple as seeing your own city or town with fresh eyes can have a similar effect. I know when I first moved to London I used to ‘be a tourist’ at the weekends and ‘be a Londoner’ in the week. It was great fun and I’ve seen so much of the city. It might just be time to start this up again! Jessica Seletti talks about just this in her latest post.  Where could you go to be a tourist in your own city?

3. Go Somewhere New: There are so many wonderful buildings and attractions you can visit. In London many of these are even free. For example, I love the British Library, the permanent exhibition is just incredible. I’ve never been inside the British Museum, but recently saw a photo of it’s roof from the interior and that alone is enough to make me plan a visit.

4. Take a Random Journey: How about simply walking down a path you haven’t before or getting on some kind of public transport and getting off at the third stop. You might end up somewhere rather dull, but if it’s somewhere new I bet there is at least one good thing you can find about the place.

If you’ve missed a day, don’t worry you can catch up here.

Where are you going to take yourself for an adventure this weekend? Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook.

Photo Courtesy of William Warby

Photo Credit: William Warby


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