Top 10 Things for an At Home Workout

Whilst I love going to the gym, I also have equipment so I can do a workout at home. Originally my ‘gym’ was a few pieces stored under the stairs, which got dragged out into the house or garden when I wanted to use them. I’ve now matted out the garage as a more permanent space.

There are plenty of workouts you can do at home with no equipment at all (e.g. yoga, interval training, bodyweight workouts), but resistance workouts using weights are one of the best ways both to lose weight and change the shape of your body.

If you:

  1. Like the convenience of being able to workout at home as well as the gym
  2. Don’t have a gym membership
  3. Like to workout alone

An at home ‘gym’ can be the perfect solution.

My Top 10 items to consider are:

  1. A Selection of Free Weights

Whilst it can be tempting to buy some dumbbells or kettlebells I actually think it’s more cost effective to get some free weights. Something like these, as you can more easily alter the weights as you get stronger.

  1. A Bar Pad

A bar pad is useful for protecting your neck, shoulders and hips when doing barbell squats and hip thrusts.

  1. A Foam Roller

A foam roller makes really helps to prevent sore muscles. Some people like the textured ones, but personally I prefer a longer one (approx. 90cm in length), smooth one like this. Try and see which your prefer.

  1. A Timer

Is useful for timing interval workouts or for any timed weighted circuits. I love GymBoss timers and they also have a free app.

  1. A good reusable water bottle

Simple, but so necessary! I like Bobble bottles as they have an inbuilt filter or have also recently been using this one and infusing it with frozen fruit and/or mint.

  1. Resistance Bands

These are especially useful for when you are travelling as they can be popped into a suitcase and can toughen up a bodyweight workout. These have handles or you can get plain flat ones.

  1. Gloves or Grips

If you don’t want callouses on your hands some kind of lifting gloves are a must. I also love these grips (though they are man sized so aren’t tight on female wrists).

  1. Yoga Mat, Blocks and Strap

Whilst you don’t have to have a yoga mat to do yoga I do find it a lot better. These blocks and strap are also useful if you’re not quite as flexible as you’d like to be!

  1. Matting

If you want to go as far as creating a ‘gym’ and kit out a space like an unused room or a garage some foam matting is ideal.

  1. A ‘turbo trainer’

If you don’t have the space or money for a treadmill, but own a bike this can be a great option. It’s a simple stand, which folds up and turns your normal bike into a stationary spin bike. You can use this for slow restorative cycling (maybe whilst watching your favourite show or listing to music) or to complete sprint intervals for a high intensity workout.

What would your must haves be for an at home workout?

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