Go on an adventure…

…I dare you.

Seriously though, when was the last time you did something totally unplanned, spontaneous AND different.

Has it been a while?

I seem to have got into a bad habit of either planning things weeks (months) in advance or when I do have free time doing things that I know I enjoy.

Are we scared?

Why as adults don’t we seek adventure? We do as children. Maybe it’s a fear of ‘wasting’ time if we don’t like it or of looking stupid or maybe it’s the valuable brain power it will take up to work out what else to do.

Take an adventure

It can be big or small. Fun, scary or silly. Just make sure it’s different.

Some ideas include:

– do something you loved as a child

– get on the first bus/train that turns up and get off at the 3rd stop

– ride a horse

– run down a hill arms flailing (in the style of a small child or Phoebe on Friends)

– sky dive

– walk down a path you’ve never walked on

– go to a climbing wall

– skip down a path

– go for a picnic

– turn up at the airport and take a flight somewhere for the weekend

– go for a walk somewhere pretty with out your phone

– chose a random word and theme the day around it eg time, red, clouds

What will you chose?

…I double dare you

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